Killer Secrets of Which Mobile Phone to Buy

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With so many of them out there, how do we decide which mobile phone is most fitting for him or her? I will, such names as iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia and Motorola have all become household words in the United Kingdom and other industrialised countries, and each brand is in constant competition with the others to get and hold onto the loyalty of the consumer.

That is why all of them are offering deals, with this article I will attempt to help you solve the problem by telling you what to look for in a mobile phone deal.

What is involved
Mobile service providers may charge customers in two ways: by time period or by actual phone usage, the latter applying to calls made as well as to Web browsing, use of apps and so on. Some companies provide a certain number of free minutes provided you get so many for a fee. There are also different kinds of deals: Some are made on a contract basis, while others use the PAYG (pay as you go) method. Still other mobile phone plans use “SIM only” (subscriber identity module), whereby the company enters into a legally binding contract with the customer that takes the form of a credit agreement.

Which mobile deal is best?
Your budget, as well as your frequency of phone use, should be the factor that determines which of the above three types of plans you choose. If you will be spending £10 or less per month, a PAYG plan will probably work best for you, whereas if you are already a habitual smartphone user who already has one, then you should go for the SIM-only type. A plan that pays on a monthly basis works best for those who use the most expensive, “top of the line” phones.

There are also many subcategories of the above groups. With PAYG, for instance, you just purchase credit which you then use to buy texts, calls and data. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure that the former outweigh the latter. It should be remembered that, in general, it costs less to buy in bulk, so take advantage of any such offers.

The last step to take before deciding which mobile phone deal to enter is to find its rating on Which’s yearly survey on mobile phone satisfaction.  Happy hunting!

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